Sunday, December 16, 2012


1. Installing the Power BoosterThe easiest trick to save petrol is to increase the ignition. This applies to motor 2 stroke and 4 stroke. By enlarging the fire / voltage, automatic material diletup plugs burn more perfect. No remaining net short, so no need to open the gas for spontaneous labor. How? Simply plug the power booster, these tools can be purchased at auto parts stores. 2. Reset buoyThe amount of fuel going into the fuel will be accommodated first by the carburetor. If at that time it was wasteful supplying gasoline, which can be called economical. In order makn efficient motors and does not affect the power, lower the float height 1-2 mm carburetor, gasoline consumption is guaranteed to be more efficient. 3. Create LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) More CrampedThis method works for 4-stroke motorcycles that have been scraped (racing settings). Because, to leverage power on lap top, lobe separation angle (LSA) is made more tenuous. Automatic opening longer and petrol is wasted. In order not extravagant at all, reduce the angle LSAnya. With a small aperture angle valve will not be too long so that gasoline was not much flow to the combustion chamber. 4. Making Meetings valve settingsSpecial motors 4 stroke, which can be used that way by changing the valve. Due to this device that regulates the fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber. With standards tighten the valve, automatic valve opening too narrow. Bursts of gasoline would be less. 5. Cleaning crustThe existence of the crust is very detrimental to both the process of burning or disposal. If there diseher, cylinder head or valve, resulting in incomplete combustion processes. The mixture of air and fuel can not burn all because the crust. The impact, fuel and air are channeled into the combustion chamber wasteful. The crust does not just stick to the part, the crust can also accumulate in the exhaust which resulted in the disposal of noncurrent gas. 6. Manifold latticedAs the air inlet of the carburetor into the combustion chamber, goose neck (manifold) is also able to save on fuel, which manifolds form a lattice. This grid will create a vortex of air so that the fuel and air mixture more homogeneous so that the burning would be perfect. 7. Use quality oilPoor quality lubricants will be able to make us thirstier petrol motors. Why? Because quality oil that does not have created the friction between the material more and more, soaring temperatures, working kitchen runway and more severe and eventually gasoline consumption would be wasteful. Still using oil safest recommendation of the manufacturer.
8. Busi More HeatIf the temperature in colder environments, the working temperature of the engine will be difficult under ideal conditions. So it requires a lot of fuel to achieve ideal conditions. To overcome this it is recommended to wear plugs hotter than standard. For example, you usually wear plugs Denso ND24, down to DN22. thus, it did not take long for the motor to reach optimum working temperature.

Friday, July 9, 2010

How do I save on petrol consumption

Gasoline-fueled vehicles are a necessity in the present. But many people who scream when their monthly budget. Expenditures for gasoline sometimes swollen or higher. They do not realize if the use of gasoline in the vehicle is wasteful and uncontrolled. Here is a trick so that you can save gasoline or not wasteful

1. Wear oil with the same brand and do not try to change your engine oil brands.

2. Do not be too often stop the vehicle suddenly and then raise the vehicle with instantaneous speed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Theoretical Physics "Capillarity" Applied in daily life - day

If you want to travel that far place in a few days, some of you must be very worried about the plants in the yard. Who will provide water for my potted plants when I was away for days - days?

If you remember at school when theoretical physics was, of course this problem can be slightly resolved ...

Place the potted plant or your favorite flower pot, then hang a small bucket of water over the pot. Of course they can be hung with nails or your own way. After that, take the axis of oil stoves or anything that stuck and can absorb water, put the tip in one of the main bucket of water, on the other end point down buckets, flower pots just above your plants. water will drip slowly - the land of the axis and of course will water the soil in your potted plants slowly.

You do not need to worry and can leave the plants and your home for several days

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In order to overcome Biscuits Not a Soft and solid back

On one day, we'll often find dry bread or biscuits become mushy due to tin or jar is opened and the wind. Biscuits are delicious and crisp turn into mushy like cold porridge. And the food was very good served dikala dikala guests arrived or tea celebration at the time of the evening.

Here's a trick to make cookies crisp, solid and like new again. Enter crusty bread or biscuits into the oven and turn on. Wait until ten minutes, then remove. You will get a crunchy biscuit, solid and like new again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Order To Anticipate Feet No Blisters When Wearing High Heels

For the women, high heels are baian of fashion and something not to be missed for women in the metropolis. High-heeled shoes are often worn at the office and in other official atmosphere. However, some of the women feel miserable, on the back foot after wearing high heels. Feet to blister and will feel sore. This is very disturbing and makes beautiful women's feet are, the wounds and marks

Here are tricks to anticipate. rubbing the back foot, with coconut oil before using the high-heeled shoes. Surely, the foot will not hurt and abrasions after and during use of high heels. Good luck

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Make Flower Vase Seen On Always Fresh And Beautiful

the women were very fond of decorating his house with flowers placed in vases or pots are also beautiful. Of course, using live flowers and not made of plastic. However, the real flowers, will not survive long enough. A maximum of one week is already wilting flower or not fresh.

In order flowers look fresh and long-lasting, take a spray of flowers, fill with a mixture of water and white sugar, stir and shake. Spray a mixture of water on the flowers. Surely these flowers will look beautiful, fresh and lasted a long time. Try these tricks ... B6JKNZS7JE7J

How To Eliminate The Fish Bones Regarding In Your Neck

at a dinner party with a glorious good food, certainly make our appetite will be high. On one occasion, the food must be served with fish menu. In Japanese cuisine common fish-based foods.

But how uncomfortable if a swallowed fish bone and lodged in our throats. Many ways and tricks to overcome, such as drinking lots of water, eating bread or solid food as much as possible so that it can be lost thorn carried over into his stomach.

Here's a trick that might be for some people does not make sense, but has been tried and proven. At night before bed, brush your buttock or buttocks with coconut oil for frying, then go to sleep. The next morning, the fish bones will be gone for some where ... has been proven with real .... believe that